Date: Dec 05 1999 23:33:00 EST
From: "J. Hoyer" <jhoyer@span.ch>
Subject: did you take Ed Moore's course?

I was very interested in his method but could not get any 'proof' of
validity before buying. All I have is the vendor's word for how
excellent it is !! If he is so ready to challenge anyone as it says
on a subpage of his website why does he not simply win the Robbin's-
trading-contest ?? Another simple way would be to give access in-real-
time to his signals (the double-arrows on his charts) so that one could be
convinced that they were not simply put on after the market did its moves
during the day !
So would those of you who took his course please give your opinion.
A great thank you in advance.
                                                J. Hoyer

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