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Date: Dec 05 1999 23:32:56 EST
From: "gto" <gto@iFlint.com>
Subject: BoE auction sale news...

This sale of 25 Tonnes ofUK gold has been so drawn out etc...
a certain relief will transpire to many who believe there will be SOME drama in the price of gold immediately following the sale.
What I would like is, to BE THERE!  Yet this is not possible so,
is there anyone that would kindly report to this listserv the following for all of us???

#1, was the sale over or undersubscribed? 
#2 WHO was the big buyer?
#3 Were there rejected bids??
#4  Who were the players-what was the sentiment(s)
As you can see, by the time these answers become known-the price of gold will have already moved.  But for future information, the details that are known soonest may very well become the facts that decide fortunes to be made for the longer term.
Too, my main curiousity is just that-I want the NEWS as it happens-not when they "get a round tuit" of diseminating it to us small time investors.
Again and perhaps more clearly stated-is there anyone that has a VERY inside connection for the goings on in the UK ?

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