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Date: Nov 27 1999 21:12:57 EST
From: "Commodity Traders Club" <ctcn@webtrading.com>
Subject: CTCN List Member Participation is Invited & A Favor Please!

Dear Trading Friend,

This opt-in e-mail communications list is not intended for you to solely
get trading knowledge and information from the list moderator (myself),
but also intended for member participation. 

Many, perhaps most, of our list members were not aware of the fact they
can easily make contributions or get feedback from other members, which is
why member participation has been lacking! This is my fault for not making
this clear before, for which I apologize!

Itís an inter-active list which invites contributions from and between the
list members on all trading and investing issues. This way all our ListBot
members may benefit from trading knowledge of others so we all may benefit
on the road to successful commodity futures, stocks, stock indices and
option trading.

Itís also fine if you would rather receive knowledge and ask all our
communications list participants questions or ask for feedback. You may do
postings on any trading questions or specific trading products and
services and should received feedback from others.

You may post a message at any time by sending an email to ctcn@listbot.com
Upon receipt, the List Moderator will take a quick look at it for approval
purposes and then resend it to all our list members, currently 950 members.

Please note, the primary reason all messages need to be approved is to
defeat Spam and Advertising E-Mails, as without this safeguard our list
members could easily get swamped with unsolicited emails.

Please participate with either online articles, comments, observations or
ask others for feedback on any trading related subjects by sending an
email to mailto:ctcn@listbot.com

About our new website devoted to CTCN's Year 2000 Seminar & Workshops,
please do us a favor by visiting the trading seminar website at this URL

We ask you to please give your opinion regarding how well this special new
website gives good information on the seminar and subjects to be taught.
We will be greatly appreciative!

Also, if there are any items you feel should be covered in more detail so
prospective seminar attendees may better decide on signing-up for the
trading seminar. Thank you. 

As a reminder, you are a member of this opt-in list because you are either
a client of CTCNís, or you asked to go on this list, or you contacted us
for information on a subject we cover via these occasional ListBot
e-mailings. We never add or keep anyone on this list unless they want to
be on it, never sell or disclose anyoneís information and their e-mail
address, and provide information on trading related subjects only.

All the best,

Dave Green

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