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Date: Nov 24 1999 10:46:13 EST
From: "Commodity Traders Club" <ctcn@webtrading.com>
Subject: Trading News & Knowledge from CTCN Nov 1999

Dear Trading Friend,

As a reminder, you are a member of this opt-in list because you are either
a client of CTCN’s, or you asked to go on this list, or you contacted us
for information on a subject we cover via these occasional ListBot
e-mailings. We never add anyone to this list unless they want to be on it,
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We have some new developments to report, first our trading of the E-Mini
S&P has temporarily stopped as we are reevaluating our trading plan and
other issues (especially the commission costs) to see how money can be
made in this market. 

As you know, in past e-mails sent via this communications list we told you
about the incredibly high commissions and overall costs involved in
trading the e-mini-sp via the Internet. 

Commissions are 500% higher than the current full-size S&P 500 Contract
and 1000% greater than the old S&P 500 Contract! Plus, many of our clients
are actually paying even greater commission than this, depending on which
broker they are using and the commission rate they negotiated from the

Incredibly, even with recent occasional strings like 9 of 10 winners, 5 of
5 winners, and an amazing 14 of 14 straight winners in my real-time
trading (using our new Real Success Daytrading Methodology) our e-mini-sp
bottom line was not improving! 

We know money can potentially be made in this market if the e-mini trading
plan is structured right, you are using a sound trading method, you have a
good way of limiting the size of losing trades, and commissions and
slippage costs are low.

It’s actually a great market to trade as Internet Based e-mini-sp fills
are amazingly fast (3 to 6 seconds on average) and the competition is much
easier than the full size contract and other Pit Based Open-Outcry type
regular contracts. 

This is because there is no direct competition from Large Traders, the
Floor Traders and Floor Brokers, who frequently take the other side of
trades and as you may know usually win and win consistently!

The lightning speed of fills combined with the fact you are competing
almost exclusively with other small individual traders makes it much
easier to achieve a high percentage of wins in this market than any other. 

For proof, look at my real-time trading, in over 17-years of commodity
trading I never had 14 of 14 winners. However, I achieved this in only
about 1-month of E-Mini SP trading!

My personal E-Mini S&P trading plan is now being restructured and I plan
to re-start trading next week (providing everything is in place by then).
Next week we will e-mail you an update to this.

In the meantime visit our websites for more trading related information
and use our free Traders Search Engine over the Thanksgiving Holiday for
lots of free trading knowledge on most any subject, this free online
searchable knowledge can help you greatly! 

We have just added hundred of additional pages of online knowledge to the
Search Engine to help you achieve trading success thru knowledge.

Our main website is https://www.webtrading.com/
Search Engine is at https://www.webtrading.com/searchengine.htm
Daytrading Knowledge Source is https://www.traders.org/
TradersAuction for selling and buying trading products at auction prices
is located at https://www.tradersauction.com/

By the way, here are some Thanksgiving Holiday trading schedules we
received from ZAP Futures which you might be interested in if you are
trading these markets: 


Following are market early closing times for Wednesday, November 24:
·	Meats, Currencies, CME Financials, the Dollar Index, Copper, Palladium
and Energies will close at Noon.
·	Silver will close at 12:05.
·	Grains, CBOT Financials, MidAM CME Financials,  Platinum, and Gold will
close at 12:10.

Following are some market early closing times for Friday, November 26:
·	Meats, Currencies, and the Dollar Index will close at Noon.
·	Grains, CBOT Financials, and MidAm CME Financials will close at 12:10.

E-MINI TRADERS:  Globex will open at its regular hours Wednesday afternoon
and trade through Thursday morning at 10:30.  Trading will resume Thursday
evening at 5:30 through Friday’s close.  All trading Wednesday afternoon
through Friday morning will be considered to have a trade date of November
26.  Orders placed Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning will work
across the break through Friday’s close.

Dave Green

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