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Date: Nov 01 1999 00:20:20 EST
From: "Commodity Traders Club" <ctcn@webtrading.com>
Subject: Trading Knowledge from CTCN - Issue 10-31-99

Dear Trading Friend,

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Last week was sure was a great week for the stock market! I enjoyed a real
good percentage of winning trades since I started daytrading using the
combination of TradeStation 2000i, ZAP Futures Internet Order Software,
CTCN's Enhanced Real Success Daytraders Methodology and trading the e-mini

However, even with a good winning trade ratio, including 4 out of 5
winners the past 2 trading days, the profits are very small. This is due
to the very small e-mini sp contract size, where 100 Points is only $50.,
coupled with high (by comparison to mini contract size) broker commission

Nevertheless I look forward to tomorrow and trading the e-mini sp again.
It's a great way to define and refine a trading methodology with
comparatively low risk and reasonably small drawdowns. 

My Market Order Fills only take about 2 to 4 seconds on average, from the
time I press my Submit Order Button to the time my PC Speakers sound an
alert to let me know my fill details are available in the Fill Window! 

It's an amazing electronic brokerage system. Please e-mail me back if you
are interested in more details on all this, including possibly trading at
ZAP and how to reach CTCN's contact at ZAP, Ms. Rita Karpel. By the way,
there is a way Rita will pay for your CTCN Membership by opening a
brokerage account there!

Unfortunately, for those of you waiting for our new TradersWebcam we have
a delay due to technical problems with the setup. However, hope to get it
up with only a one week delay, about Nov 8th or so. Click Here for more on
it https://www.traders.org/training.htm

Also, per many requests CTCN is holding it first commodity trading
seminar, scheduled for late Feb 2000. For more details click here

By the way, keep on using our free traders search engine
https://www.webtrading.com/searchengine.htm It's jam packed with lots of
free trading knowledge on all aspects of trading for you. To keep it
up-to-date with all our new website content, the engine will be re-indexed

PS Please list and sell any unused or no longer useful trading products at
our TradersAuction website, click-on the link listed below to access it.
It's totally free during November 1999, with no commissions or listing

All the best,

Dave Green

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