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Date: Oct 21 1999 23:47:45 EDT
From: "Commodity Traders Club" <ctcn@webtrading.com>
Subject: Trading News and Knowledge from CTCN

Dear Trading Friend,

We have received many requests for info on how well (or bad) our PC Quote
Real-Time Internet Data Feed and Omega ProSuite 2000i have been working.
Sorry to say, PC Quote has been terrible as explained below. 

Fortunately, we have found a new and seemingly better and more reliable
data feed. Plus, the Omega Internet 2000i Software has been working fairly
well except for a few relatively minor problems, which Omega seems to have

As you may recall, we were trying (and having an amazingly difficult time)
to get this setup working since early June when we received the upgraded
Omega program and signed-up for PC Quote.

For a very short time the PC Quote data looked like it was working
reasonably well (especially when connected at 28K rather than 56K) but it
really was not. The main problem seemed to be the data feed somehow
getting lost from time to time, and also giving no warning it was
disconnected. This occurred several times a week, sometime a couple times
a day. 

Once disconnected it proved nearly impossible to reconnect to the PC Quote
Server unless our computer was re-booted, a time consuming and cumbersome
process, what with having to save everything and shut down all the
programs minimized at the time and restart everything.

The straw that broke the camels back (as far as my PC Quote account goes)
came about 3-weeks ago when the data feed was lost and I did not realize
the data was down for a number of minutes. This was a common occurrence as
there was no way for PC Quote (or Omega) to signal the fact it was not

By the time I fully realized the data feed was lost and then called my
broker for a quote and finally got out of the trade, the market had moved
almost $500 against me and resulted in a loss of approx $500., several
hundred dollars more than my $200 Mental Stop!

Immediately I closed my account at PC Quote and opened an account at
E-Signal. Other than the down-time morning of about 2 weeks ago, it has
been working real good. 

Their technician claims the day there was a problem was the first
down-time in the six-months he has worked there. I am not too sure about
this being so, but nevertheless have found the real-time internet feed
working well for the most part compared to PC Quote. 

CTCN’s personal contact at esignal is Mr. Steve Merkley. He can be reached
at 1-60%-287-9532. Please mention to Steve you were referred by Commodity
Traders Club for a special 30-day free trial offer.

My personal trading of the E-Mini S&P has been going real well. My
percentage of winning trades has been great. During a recent 2-day time
span I managed to have 9 out of 10 winning trades! This was achieved using
CTCN’s new Real Success Methodology.

Unfortunately, the contract size is very small and the broker’s commission
rate (by comparison to the full-size regular S&P Contract or the old
larger S&P Contract)  is extremely high, resulting in fairly small profits
in spite of having 9 out of 10 winners!

The extremely small e-mini S&P contract makes it difficult to make much in
the way of profits no matter how good your trading is. This is why we
recommend the e-mini be used mostly as a way to train traders and sharpen
their trading skills. 

We are using the mini contract and this approach with our new daytrader
training program. Click on the link for the page about it at our sister
website for more details: 

Once the trader in training believes they can trade the mini contract
well, they can then switch to the full-size S&P contract, where they may
make some decent profits.

By the way, the speed of the fills using the ZAP 2000 Internet Trading
software system is amazing, usually a matter of 2 or 3 seconds from the
time I press the button to send the order until my fill is received!  

For more details on ZAP call our personal contact there Ms. Rita Karpel,
who we have known for many years. Rita can be reached at 1-60%-257-6842
x1852 or from outside of the USA at 1-312-580-1852. We understand ZAP also
offers foreign accounts for our overseas friends. Be sure to mention to
Rita Commodity Traders Cub referred you to obtain the CTCN discounted
commission rate.

A final reminder to use our powerful Webtrading/CTCN Knowledge Base Search
Engine https://www.webtrading.com/searchengine.htm   
to research most any trading related subject. It’s an extremely valuable
free resource to help make you money or save you money with its great
online knowledge on all aspects of commodity futures, stocks and options

By the way, we have added considerable new free content to our webtrading
website during the past few weeks. Check it out by accessing the
webtrading URL link below.

Also, if you have any trading products laying around gathering dust which
you no longer use or find useful,  you may list them for sale free of cost
(for a limited time) at TradersAuction. 

Not only may you recover some funds but also help a fellow trader who may
be wanting to acquire the product you no longer want or need. The URL link
to TradersAuction is also listed below.


Dave Green

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