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Date: Oct 01 1999 01:44:32 EDT
From: "Commodity Traders Club" <ctcn@webtrading.com>
Subject: Trading News from CTCN

Dear Trading Friend,

We have recently added some great new resources to our website,
https://www.webtrading.com  including the revised and improved free Special
Report "The Truth About Trading and Trading Systems"

Plus, Special Reports on the much asked about trading vendors, Ken Roberts
and Jake Bernstein. In addition a very well done online article titled
"Phantom of the Pits" by Art Simpson. It's one of the best trading
articles we have seen! It's free on our website.

Also, once again I feel I should remind you to use our free and powerful
traders search engine for researching most any trading related subject,
methodology, system, company name, individual, trading concepts, etc.

By the way, we are now working on our Fall Issue of CTCN, due to be mailed
out in November to paid members of our trading group. You are welcome to
submit an article contribution to it about most any trading related
subject you have insight or knowledge on. You may send your article via
e-mail or postal mail, within the next two weeks, please.


Dave Green

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Click-Here for the Traders Search Engine 

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