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Date: Sep 09 1999 13:53:58 EDT
From: "Commodity Traders Club" <ctcn@webtrading.com>
Subject: Traders News from CTCN

Dear Trading Friend,

For those of you trading the S&P Market, we have been told by our futures
broker today September 9, 1999 is the recommended date for switching from
the September to December Contract. 

About our main website https://www.webtrading.com If you tried using it you
saw it was down from last Friday thru this Tuesday. This is only the
second time our website has been down for long since we started the
website over 2-yrs ago. It was due to an unusual problem at one of our
Servers. We apologize for it being down for so long but there was nothing
we could do about it at the time, as the problem was beyond our control.
Fortunately, it's now working well

The next time you visit webtrading.com it's highly suggested you also use
its powerful Search Engine where you may do free research on most any
trading related subject. You can search for specific trading terms,
methodologies, trading systems, individual or company names, trading
concepts, phrases and even search using a question type of format. Its
address is https://www.webtrading.com/searchengine.htm

Our search facility is the best possible way to get lots of trading
knowledge at absolutely no cost to you! Please use it extensively.

Paid Club Members should have recently received our Summer Issue in the
mail. Please contact us If you did not get it or wish to become a Club
Member or have any other questions about our services. Our next regular
issue of the printed CTCN Newsletter will be the Fall Issue to be mailed
out in November.


Dave Green

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