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The Mission of "Mother of All" a traders division of webtrading is on a mission to give crypto, commodity, stocks and options traders lasting success using a great new trading system to trade the markets, like bitcoin, ethereum, nft's, doge trading and a crypto trading platform to trade coins. Also trade commodities, futures or stocks for great rewards via profitable trading. It's Your Money and your money matters a lot...

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Mother of All Systems trading system for stocks requires 2 sources of information and consists of the 4 trading rules referred to below, plus more. You will need Investor's Business Daily and Standard & Poor's Stock Guide. Although the newspaper prints daily, looking at its online edition or in-print weekly publication may also work. Standard & Poor's has yearly data books. You need to took at a monthly guide. IBD is easily available, as is the S&P Stock Guide. You can get a free trial subscription.

Rules 1, 2 and 4 involve simply looking at Investor's Business Daily. Buy stocks which pass rule one, two and three or sell stocks which pass rule four.

Trading Rule-1 - Buy stocks that have doubled their XX (you must buy system for details)-week low. Scan the data for "N.H." This means new XX (you must buy system for details)-week new high. Then compare the closing price vs the prior high price.

Trading Rule-2 - Buy stocks that have an estimated price strength (EPS) of XX (you must buy system for details) or more, and a relative strength (RSI) of XX (you must buy system for details) or more. Investor's Business Daily prints relative EPS.

Trading Rule-3 - Buy stocks making XX (you must buy system for details) new highs. This means for the life of the stock. If S&P data or IBD does not cover a stock of interest you can call the company or a stock broker for the needed data, or better yet, get data from your PC.

Trading Rule-4 - Sell the stock immediately when its relative strength index (RSI) drops under XX (you must buy system for details). Of course you can sell earlier if you already have a good profit on the open trade.

P.S. EPS means estimated price strength; RPS means relative price strength; RSI means relative Strength Index

Some Additional Details - Don't buy stocks which have risen more than XX (you must buy system for details) percent past point where they earlier doubled. Only trade stocks selling for XX (you must buy system for details) dollars or more a share. Use a discount broker for low commission costs.

The-mother-of-systems uses relative strength and momentum along with other proprietary trading indicators and techniques. There may be not be many new trades at any point in time as Mother of All Systems methodology does not necessarily signal a lot of trades. There are likely more trades signaled about the time of market bottoms.

Past price price history is very important. Does the data you are looking at, in-fact adjusts for stock-splits? There may be inconsistencies between some closing prices and price range.

Trading rules one and three depend on accurate data, which we recommend you download daily.

There is significantly more to "The Mother of all Trading Systems" than is revealed here, like our powerful and proprietary Drawdown Minimizer Logic method to reduce account drawdown and large losses. In addition, we have an amazing method to filter trades based on our proprietary method to get your trade in-sync with the markets most important time cycle.

Achieve Lasting Success involving all money matters

Your potential success requires our powerful system enhancements in addition to the basic rules disclosed above. They are proprietary and thus cannot be disclosed here. However, there's no need to worry because they are all included when you get the complete trading system from us. They are critically important parts of The-Mother-of-All-Systems with a goal of lasting success trading the markets.

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Over time the market price bar chart may tend to look more bullish vs actuality, making a sell position appear somewhat suspect but you still need the courage to make the trade if you are following mechanical rules like this. The mother-of-systems rules will signal the trades, which is why you must adhere to mechanical trading system rules regardless of appearance and your personal view.

Trading with chart analysis and various time-spans and technical analysis methods you can learn by attending trading seminars and doing comprehensive research and technical analysis.

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