KANSAS CITY, Mo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 22, --The fourth quarter has provided big profits for members of DayTrading International (www.daytradingintl.com) with shares in BlueFly, Books-A-Million, CD Warehouse, UBid Inc., Ameritrade Holdings, AtHome Corp., TheGlobe.com Inc., Above Net Communications and more.

DayTrading International (www.daytradingintl.com) continues to make astounding plays throughout the pressures of the market. With over 85% accuracy in the Trading Room, the Small Caps, and the Daily Picks Newsletters, they have all proven to be very profitable for members. DayTrading International has established themselves as one of traders' favorite DayTrading powerhouses.

The Small Caps Newsletter has proved extremely profitable many times this quarter. Here are a few examples. On Nov. 20, there was a short recommendation for BlueFly (Nasdaq:BFLY) at $12.50 or below, if seen. Within only a few hours, BFLY fell over three points to $9 per share leaving members a 28% profit. A few days later, BFLY was called to short again on Dec. 3 at $16.87 or above, only to drop to $14 the same day, another 17% gain for members.

Senior editor, Mike Chrisman commented that, "Small Caps not only require less capital, but they also allow members to score big percentage gains in very short time frames."

The Daily Picks Newsletter has also produced big gains for members recently. There was a short recommendation given on Nov. 17 for Greg Manning Auctions (Nasdaq:GMAI) at a price of $16 or below, if seen. It only took one day for the stock to drop four points for a 25% gain.

Members also scored big shorting Boeing (NYSE:BA) this past month at $40.25. The stock soon plummeted to a low of $31.50 after they announced an earnings shortfall. AtHome Corporation (Nasdaq:ATHM) was another big winner this month, it was called long at $66.00 on Dec. 17 giving members the opportunity to take over a 14% gain in less than two days. This newsletter as well as the Small Caps is received by members every morning prior to the markets open.

DayTrading International's Live Trading Room has also grown in popularity this last quarter. Here are a few examples of the winning plays made the past month. Creative Computers (Nasdaq:MALL) was called a short at $44.00, the stock soon dropped to as low as $24.00 giving members a 20 point winner and a 45% gain in just a few days.

Onsale Inc. (Nasdaq:ONSL) was called a buy at $42.00 on Dec. 18, the stock skyrocketed to as high as $71.50 the following day giving members a 29 point winner and a 70% gain. UBid Inc. (Nasdaq:UBID) was another big winner for members this month. The stock was called a buy on Dec. 18 at $46.00 and climbed to a high of $137.00 within two trading sessions, giving members a whopping 91 point profit. CD Warehouse (Nasdaq:CDWI) was called a short on Dec. 21 at $20.50, the stock soon fell to a low of $16.50 giving subscribers over a 20% gain that same day.

DayTrading International was also bullish on AboveNet Communications, Ameritrade Holdings and TheGlobe.com Inc. Traders called a buy for AboveNet Communications (Nasdaq:ABOV) at $14.00 on Dec. 18. By Dec. 22 ABOV had risen to as high as $17.00, providing members over a 21% gain. A popular stock, Ameritrade Holdings (Nasdaq:AMTD) was given a recommendation to buy at $27.50 on Dec. 22, the stock went to a high of $37.50 giving members a 10 point profit and a 36% gain within only a few hours. TheGlobe.com (Nasdaq:TGLO) was also called a buy on Dec. 21 at $37.50 and the following day the stock went as high as $44.50 for a 19% gain.

DayTrading International (www.daytradingintl.com) is a Web based financial service focusing strictly on the short term trading of stocks. Their recommendations are based upon fundamentals, news and technical analysis. DayTrading International and their staff, with over 17 years of experience, provide their membership with two morning newsletters as well as intraday alerts that produce substantial results in very short periods of time while keeping risk to a minimum.

For further information about DayTrading International or to take part in the two week free trial of the morning newsletters and/or the live trading room, visit them on the Web at https://www.daytradingintl.com.

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