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What's new: AgroGuide is an agronomy management system that works in conjunction with a retailer's business processes for quick delivery of product, with quick custom blending of fertilizer and easy access to crop plans, sales orders or bookings. Spatial mapping functionality is tightly integrated with the overall system and helps the retailer capture field boundaries and create spatial maps to make sure the driver gets to the right field. The use of spatial maps also helps in maintaining regulatory records. The ability to have numerous price schedules set up in the system gives retailers the flexibility to cater to their customers.

Retailers can set up splits at the client, farm, field or subfield level and also assign splits based upon items (chemical, fertilizer, seed, lime and service).

Retailers can enter the actual scale ticket weight or acres covered, and the application automatically adjusts the components for that blend accordingly. Flexible formulation and blending, regulatory and workflow capabilities make the system easy to understand. With the ability to import soil test results electronically, the results are used in creating nutrient recommendations. Accurate blends can be produced automatically through integration with automated blenders.

AgroGuide integrates with the AGRIS V9 business management system and can export data to other business systems, eliminate repetitive data entry and ensure that balances and inventory information are in real time. The system also integrates with the oneWeigh scale automation system from AGRIS and interfaces to CDMS for regulatory compliance.

RetailWise is a point-of-sale (POS) system that brings speed and accuracy to retail operations. A training mode allows personnel to be educated in using the system by processing actual transactions without altering company data.

A handheld device can be used to perform physical inventory counts. Transactions such as estimates or special requests can be suspended and processed at a later time, and users can easily schedule specials and promotional pricing offers. Sensitive information can be kept secure, system usage can be tracked, and employee access to certain system modules can be restricted. Reports can be generated from the system, and retailers can set up the system to automatically generate purchase orders by preferred vendor, lowest cost or delivery time.

RetailWise integrates to AGRIS V9 to enable users to import RetailWise receipts, adjustments and physical counts into AGRIS V9. Users also can import name and address comments from AGRIS V9 into RetailWise.

What's ahead: Upgrades to the AgroGuide agronomy management system and to the AGRIS V9 business management system are planned.

AgVision Software for Agribusinesses

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What's new: The AgVision Fertilizer Manager is a complete solution for formulating, blending, tracking and billing of fertilizer ingredients, products and applications with Field History as a key feature. The program has an optional interface to CDMS for printing regulatory documentation. AgVision offers an integrated software solution for financial accounting, patron equity, fertilizer and chemical management, general inventory, and grain, tree nut and feed management.

Crop Data Management Systems (CDMS)

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What's new: ChemCheck is pesticide recommendation writing software. It enables users to check proposed applications against a manufacturer-approved label database. It also maintains complete field histories. Enhancements include integration with CDMS's SeedSearch database, work orders in Spanish, an upgraded DOT Haz Mat module and an updated cultural practices section.

FoodCheck provides an "electronic trail" that can help food companies efficiently track the end product back to the field from which it was harvested. SeedSearch is Internet product reference guide/software. It allows users to search a seed company-approved database by crop, traits, characteristics, county and more.

What's ahead: ChemCheck - mapping module and integration with existing mapping modules. Data updates are available on a daily basis and software updates come out on a regular basis.

CDMS says it will continue to enhance all of its products.

DBC Smartsoftware

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What's new: DbcSMARTsoft is a Windows integrated, agribusiness and commodity trading management system supporting a broad choice of platforms. It features order logistics and processing, inventory, lot management, cash contracts, tickets, settlement, freight, cost accruals, hedging, online position, brought-to-market, formula production, sales analysis and financial management for co-ops and feed/petfood/premix manufacturers.

DbcSMARTsoft has added order entry/invoicing, purchase orders, formula production, inventory costing, bin management, sales analysis, foreign currency hedging, product cross-application, BOL and customs invoice printing, data export/import, expanded views for report writers, online manuals and context-sensitive tutorials.

What's ahead: Continued enhancement of dbcSMARTsoft


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What's new: The Cinch Product Suite uses the complete Microsoft Business Solutions technology and is customized specifically for grain elevators, fertilizer blenders, ag retailers, seed companies and grain processors.

Cinch Grain modules address the specific requirements of grain reporting, grain receiving, hedging, scale interfaces, market zone trading, multiple discount/premium schedules and transportation. Cinch Manufacturing manages batch and continuous flow mixing, co-product costing and work-center tracking. Cinch Sales handles prepays, split billing, Web integration to vendor systems, customer data collection, prospective client profiles, track restricted use and biotech licenses. Cinch Agronomy Planning features fully integrated field record keeping, lot tracking, material-handling documents, transportation documents, agronomy recommendations and field prescriptions. Cinch Patronage manages the member accounting and distribution activities for cooperatives. Cinch Seed manages contracts from booking to receipt, lot quality tracking, composite weights and grades, integration to SOAR21 and M-Link.

What's ahead: The company will have multiple upgrades to the Cinch Product Suite.

Farm Works Software

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Products: Farm Trac+ is a user-friendly, grower-level mapping and record-keeping program. It gives growers the ability to map yields, soil types, soil tests and other important information. Farm Funds, an accounting program, ties in with Farm Trac+ to provide costing that is tied to field records. Farm Site Professional (Site Pro) is a mapping and record-keeping program that is designed for crop consultants, fertilizer dealers and others who want to manage data for clients.

Farm Site Mate works with a GPS receiver and a handheld computer (pocket PC or laptop) for GPS mapping, scouting, soil sampling and variable-rate application. Farm Trac Mate works with a handheld computer to collect field records, which can then be "synchronized" with desktop record-keeping programs such as Farm Trac+ and Farm Site Professional. Guide Mate, a guidance program for handheld computers, is fully integrated with Trac Mate and Site Mate so users can get guidance along with coverage maps and field records.

Farm Trac+ has a new Operations Report that has GPS coverage and as-applied maps that are tied to field records. Farm Site has added support for new yield formats, including Ag Leader Insight files and John Deere GSD files. Farm Funds has revamped invoicing to provide a flexible, professional invoice format. Its updated payroll better accommodates different types of pay and deductions.

Farm Site Professional has added full support for Farm Trac Mate and Site Mate, including an Operations Report that features field records along with a map of the operation.

New tools in Farm Site Mate include an easy-to-use Navigate feature for finding soil sample locations and a distance-measuring tool.

Guide Mate now fully integrates with Trac Mate and Site Mate. Users can now use Farm Trac Mate and Site Mate for field records, coverage mapping and variable rate and have guidance at the same time.

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