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Finding the WAY - Danny Nip

In late November, after studying the Bible, was baptized and became a disciple of Christ. Little did I know that my priorities are much different now than they were back then. You know that I do not have the funds to trade, or lack sufficient "investment" funds. I still owe about $7400 as of today. My lust for money and materialism has put me through some tough times, it'll be another year before I can get out of my debts.

At the time of purchase of Swing Catcher, I assumed that there was a possibility that I could find the time to paper trade it during the morning. Little did I realize that my priority is GOD, and that I spend my morning studying the Word. It has changed my life considerably. I now have a full time job, which I didn't have at the time of purchase, and my life has been great ever since.

Having an on-going and supportive relationship with your customers is certainly a great part of your business, and has contributed to its great success.

My original intent of having somebody manage my funds is more appropriate, as I rarely have time to do these things now.

God has worked wonders in my life, and I hope to stay in contact with you. Because of the kind of customer support that you provide, I can safely assume that your program is outstanding based also on the performance records.

I have installed the program on my computer, although I haven't used it. Perhaps there will be a time, when I can trade for fun and enjoyment rather than for money and materialism.

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