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The Great Tangerine!

Welcome to Tangerines Organization

Tangerines being in the citrus fruit group which has a loose and easily peeled skin that zips right open. The sections of tangerines separate easily and are very sweet.

There are many varieties of tangerines in your supermarket.

When shopping for tangerines/mandarins with their loose-fitting skins, will feel soft and puffy compared to oranges and should also be heavy for their size; otherwise, they might be pithy and dry. Make sure to choose fruits with glossy, deep orange skins, but disregard small green patches near the stems.

Storage tangerines in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.

Tangerines, Algerian Tangerines and other mandarins are easy to prepare for use in fruit salad or cooked dishes, just peel the fruit, separate the segments, and then pull off the membrane from the segments, if desired. Also be sure to remove the pits, which may be many or just few depending on the variety of fruit. Adding tangerine segments to coleslaw or tuna salad is great for a delicious and colorful treat!

tangerinesTangerines, Mandarins and Tangelos are all great for snacking because they are easy to peel and eat. Tangerines are very high in Vitamin C.

These citrus fruits are bright orange in color and each one has a distinctive sweet flavor all its own. Tangerines are grown in Arizona, Florida, California and Texas. The Algerian tangerine originates in the nation of Algeria in North Africa. All tangerines are nutritious and delicious!

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Tangerine Fun Facts


Fruit Kabobs

Ingredients for Fruit Kabobs

Directions for Fruit Kabobs

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