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taffy applesThere are many different types of taffy apples - gourmet taffy apples - caramel apples - candied apples - chocolate covered apples - chocolate covered caramel apples - and many more gourmet flavors.

Easy recipe for making your own taffy apples. Below are the ingredients and instructions for making taffy apples:

Wash and dry apples, insert sticks into top of apples. Set aside.

Add all ingredients into a large saucepan on medium heat. Stirring constantly.

With the candy thermometer, check mixture until it reaches 240 degrees F. Remove mixture from heat and allow it to thicken.

Dip apples into the mixture until evenly coated and put on wax paper to cool.

If you like nuts, roll apples in chopped nuts.

A Snack Gift Basket is a Great Idea

No matter if they like to snack on junk food or on healthy food; everyone loves to snack. This is why a snack gift basket would be the ideal gift for anyone who has absolutely everything. It is also ideal for that hard-to-buy-for person. Making a unique snack gift basket is not very hard. Below are a few ideas to get you started with making a really nice snack gift basket.

Creating A Plan

Begin with finding the perfect basket. Make sure your basket is rather large, because most people will eat a lot of snacks. If you do not want to use a basket, you can decorate a shoe box or a paper mache box. Just make sure it is large enough to hold a lot of snacks. If the basket is for a woman, you can paint it in pinks, yellows, reds or greens. If the basket is for a man you can paint it in blues, browns, blacks or purples.

Next, purchase a lot of snacks. You will need to determine if you want your snack basket to be a healthy basket or a junk food basket. You can even make it half healthy and half junk food. Some yummy ideas would be to buy some fresh fruits, nuts, candies, raisins, crackers, potato chips, pretzels and cookies. You can also include some microwave popcorn. Make sure you get a nice variety of snacks for your snack gift basket.

Steps For Assembling Gift Basket

Find a center piece for the snack gift basket. A great idea would be a large gourmet Taffy Apple. These gourmet taffy apples can be found at your grocery store or specialty food markets. Place the taffy apple in the center of the basket or the box. Make sure it is centered and place in the basket or box well so that it will not shift, fall over or droop over.

If you cannot find a large gourmet taffy apple, you can use a bottle of their favorite drink, a new television remote control, a new DVD or anything that is unique to the person who is going to receive the snack gift basket. Another idea is to make taffy apples for the basket using recipe above.

Next, surround the center piece (taffy apple) with all of the snack food. Mix up the snack food and do not place two or more of the same thing in the same area. Arrange it so that it is presentable and looks very nice. Do not over fill it because then it will lose its originality. People like to eat a lot of snack food, but that is no reason to over stuff the basket or box.

Finally, wrap your snack gift basket or box in cellophane wrap and place a big bow on the top. Make sure your bow matches your basket or box. You can include a card by taping it by the bow. Your receiver will be so surprised to get such a unique gift basket. Above all, they will find it hard to believe that those snacks are all for him or her.

A snack gift basket is a great idea to create and give to someone who has everything. Not only does it look nice, it can also be created for a very minimal price. The person getting the basket will think about you as they enjoy each and every scrumptious bite of the snacks in their snack gift basket.

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