Chocolate Diet

This is probably the tastiest of the fad diets to come onto the scene. Since chocolate acts as a vitamin replacement, it does have a fair amount of health benefits, like fighting high blood pressure and preventing heart disease.

chocolate liquidThe chocolate diet mainly consists of liquids and people are given a powder or supplement that they usually blend with milk or water. They may also be given pills to take in capsule form.

New studies have shown that chocolate contains anti-oxidants that help prevent arteries from clogging, so there are some health benefits to eating chocolate.

The powder shakes are not meant to replace meals, but are designed to be healthy snacks or supplements. The actual pills are supposed to provide various nutritional benefits such as an increase in your metabolism. These, along with a healthy diet, are supposed to stimulate the fat burning process and pave the way towards weight loss.

However, it's still questionable as to whether the actual diet will help you achieve your desired results. It's not clear that chocolate stimulates the metabolism or helps the fat burning process. Beyond that, too much of anything can be bad.

While chocolate does have health benefits, a diet with an emphasis in chocolate may not be the best way to lose weight.

The truth is bittersweet - chocolate holds promise, but it's no health food. Something in cocoa beans may be good for your heart, however, that's still no reason to load up on chocolate bars or brownies.

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