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Getting a Ph.D.

Welcome to The Doctoral Degree Guide

A Doctor of Philosophy degree (short-form Ph.D. or PHD), is the highest possible academic degree Getting a a great step to take. Getting a Ph.D. doctoral degree involves extensive studying and quite intense intellectual efforts. Less than two-percent of higher education students manage to get a doctoral degree.

PhD General Information

To get a Ph.D. doctoral degree the PHd candidate must achieve two things. First, the student is required to completely master a specific study subject. Secondly, have enhanced knowledge about that study subject.

Earning a doctoral degree online can definitely improve your earning potential and qualify you for a variety of prestigious career options. A doctoral degree may be accomplished from the comfort of your home. A doctoral degree is the highest degree attainable in the USA and Canada. A PhD can prepare you to work at a job in a leadership position, university-level professorships, or other highly skilled professional occupations.

Who Should Earn a Doctoral Degree Online?

Earning a doctoral degree online requires a significant commitment of time and money. The best students are those who are able to set aside study time each day and balance their studies with family and work responsibilities. Because most online doctoral degree programs are reading and writing focused, doctorate students should have above average literacy. The students should also have excellent research skills, be articulate, and have the ability to comprehend complex texts. Additionally, PHD students should be self-motivated and good at working alone.

Remember, earning a doctoral degree likely does not automatically increase your salary. Most jobs requiring a doctoral degree offer a good salary and a substantial degree of prestige. However, many academic jobs such as professorships may pay less than jobs in the non-academic sector. When contemplating possibly seeking a Ph.D. online, perform career planning research about employment options to determine if an advanced degree in your career field will be worth pursuing.

Types of Doctoral Degrees Achievable Online

Not all doctoral degrees can be earned via the-internet. Some training, such as that received by medical doctors, must be highly supervised. However, many other doctoral degrees can be earned online. Some of the most popular online doctoral degrees are: Doctor of Business Administration (DBA); Doctor of Public Health (DPH) dealing in public Health and Wellness including Preventive Care; Doctor of Education (EdD); Online Forensic Science Degree, and the always popular Doctor of Psychology (PhD) Degree.

Online doctoral degree Program Accreditation

There are online doctoral degree scam schools offering “quick and easy” diploma. Don’t fall for these scams. Earning a doctoral degree online from an unaccredited school will be worthless. Many former "diploma scam students” lost their jobs and reputations by listing a diploma scam school on their resumes.

Because the doctorate is a culminating degree, proper accreditation is quite important. When choosing an online doctoral degree program, your best choice is to select a school accredited by 1 of the 6 regional accreditation organizations.

These are the same organizations accrediting established brick-and-motor schools. If your school is accredited by a regional organization, your Ph.D degree should be accepted by most employers and your credits should be transferable to most other schools.

What Else to Look for in an Online Doctoral Degree Program

In addition to selecting a fully accredited school program, study potential online doctorate programs and edu places to determine which edu program best meets your needs. Create a list of questions and talk to representatives from each online Ph.D doctoral program. You need to learn the following:

In addition to completing courses, doctoral degree programs require students to pass in-depth subject-matter exams, write a dissertation, and defend their dissertation in a meeting with university faculty. Before enrolling in doctoral degree program, ask for a list detailing the college’s specific requirements for graduation.

Online doctoral degree Residency Requirements

An excited PHD graduate student Most online doctoral degree programs require students to take classes or attend lectures on campus. Some online programs require only a limited residency, asking students to attend a few weekend lectures or meetings.

However, some advanced degree programs may require a year or more of on-campus resident studies. Residency requirements are generally non-negotiable, so be sure that the PhD program you select has requirements to fit your busy schedule.

How to Pay for an online Doctoral Degree

Earning a doctoral degree online can cost tens of 1000s of dollars. While many brick-and-mortar schools offer doctorate students paid teaching fellowships, online students are not afforded this luxury. If your new doctoral degree will help you be a better employee, you may ask your employer to pay for a portion of your doctoral degree costs.

Considerable numbers of Grad Students qualify for government subsidized student loan programs, featuring lower interest rates. Additionally, private student loans are available from banks and credit unions. Your online school’s financial aid department can help you determine which aid options are best.

If you are determined to earn a doctoral degree, it will be time consuming and challenging. However, the end-results and rewards are certainly worth the time and considerable money spent on getting your Ph.D.


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