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Suitable as patent or trademark information site, patent or trademark attorney site, trademark search site.

This unique internet business opportunity involves both the developed web-site and its domain name. Generally speaking, depending on the strength of the name, overall traffic and (very important) if real type-ins are received, its value may be based to a large degree on the domain rather than the site itself. Also adding greatly to the value is its potential future income, or current income production (if applicable). Plus, the significance of the domain as far as it being considered a key industry term, an extremely important attribute if so!

Suggested offering prices are based on the factors mentioned to an even greater degree if it involves a small or only partially developed website, where the name, key industry terms, well targeted traffic, and true type-ins carry even greater weight in the combined valuation method used. In many cases the domain name is actually valued much higher than its (included) web-site!

More about Patent and Trademark Website traffic has been averaging 21 index page hits/week over the past few months. Though light, nevertheless the hits are steady and highly targeted, with type-ins. Future traffic may easily be increased, especially if search engine listing rankings, links and Google Page Rank of 2 is improved upon. Suggested bids start at $4,000.

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