Maine Flat Rate Listing - cost $995 for 6-months in Real Estate Multiple Listing Service (MLS) &®

Coverage for entire state of Maine

The following INCLUDED and OPTIONAL items are available and paid directly to Listing real estate broker

  • INCLUDED - 8 Photos in MLS & 1 Photo in
  • INCLUDED - Sign
  • OPTIONAL - Extra Maximum allowed Photos in MLS & - $50
  • OPTIONAL - 20 Photos in - $75

Maine MLS Flat Fee Service Listing - $995 - once payment is made, forms & instructions will be emailed - complete forms and return ASAP and then your property will be listed in the MLS &, plus more.

SPECIAL - pay with PayPal using your Credit Card or Check - ONLY $995

*There will be an inspection of property by a Professional Home Inspector - cost $250 which seller pays directly to home inspector. This Mandatory Maine Visual Home Inspection is required by Maine Real Estate Law to verify the information given by the seller about the condition of the property is accurate.

In Maine the seller has to pay 0.5% at close to the listing broker. Per Maine real estate regulations, listing broker has to come to your property to do the listing