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A beginning step for Internet merchants intending to do real-time credit card authorization and delayed settlement processing is to get an Internet merchant bank account. This is the account that enables a business to take and clear credit card transactions (the moving of money from the buyer's account to the seller's account) from a real-time ordering at an online-internet ecommerce site. We will call this service provider the merchant bank provider.

The next step is to select a pricessor who will link your internet based business to a good credit card payment processor with fast and easy credit card authorizing.

Now here's the tricky part. You actually have to do these two steps together because your bank will typically need to know which internet clearing service you intend to use. Also, most payment processing applications require you to say which gateway software you are going to use.

In short, be prepared to contract with two separate companies and pay two separate setup charges and monthly fees if you intend to maintain your own merchant bank account and offer real-time credit card authorization over the Net. If you can't qualify for a merchant bank account of your own, there are many service providers out there to function in place of a merchant-account bank account.

Whatever route you take, make time to evaluate a couple of online-payment processors. Compare their setup fees, transaction fees, authorizing and technical support services you get from each firm before accepting a credit card processing merchant account contract.

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