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People Who Live in Glass Houses (like Lennar does) Should Not Be Throwing Rocks at others  by treating customers like dirt

"People Who Live in Glass Houses Should Not Be Throwing Stones"

This is the latest news on our incredibly long ordeal. As also discussed on the main-page, on Feb 26 2020 Lennar® canceled our contract to buy.

Go-Here about vast sums of money Lennar execs make via insider trading making it confusing why the rush for money from me?

In addition to public awareness and advice to not buy Lennar, we extensively investigated Lennar because it's so perplexing Lennar would stoop so low and be so cheap to stop-payment on a comparatively 'small' check.

It's made more bewildering when you consider the wealth of Lennar Corp and it's $20-million-year CEO Stuart A Miller's astonishing salary and excessively high executive incomes, plus vast sums of money some executives earn from alleged unethical insider trading of stocks.

It's alleged a primary reason Lennar Corp would not wait or let us pay the extra 2% monthly construction loan cost and $125 daily late fees (which we offered to pay) was secret desire to sell Lot-111 home for 22k more to another buyer. Lennar's culture of massive corporate greed caused a rush for faster and/or more money and not waiting an inconsequential week. Lennar Corporation corporate culture is based on cvorporate greed which is why lennar refused to wait one-week for my COE funds

alleged poor ethics by Lennar's Poster Girl Diane J. Bessette with dubious value lennar bad check ethics

Lennar Corp says alleged untruthful claims online about being dedicated to ethical standards on its Contact-The-Board web-page. However, Lennar failed to treat us ethically, especially when Lennar Chief Financial Officer "Diane Bessette" sent us a bad check!

As a result of writing Lennar's bad check Diane Bessette has become a "Poster Girl" of a hypothetical unethical person. You can help fight Lennar by Going-Here to Make a Small Donation, and read more info About Contributions by Clicking-Here.

Non-ethical behavior by LennarHomes and "Diane Bessette"' damages by lacking good corporate ethics

it's possble some future whistle blower may eventually blow the whistle on Lennar executive diane bessette insider trading

It's interesting that on Jan 21 2020, "Diane J Bessette" (Lennar VP/CFO/Treasurer) dumped basically all her Lennar stock (10,000 shares) at an average price of $58.92 for $589,238.

Is it possible Diane J Bessette sold stock early because of receiving insider knowledge Diane was privy to about how seriously COVID-19 will soon impact both the housing and stock market? We allege the answer is an unethical yes!

Keep as quiet as you can re selling my Lennar stock before negative news occurs

In addition, Lennar Corporation Controller "David M Collins" sold 20,000 shares of Lennar common stock (just 3 days after Diane) on Jan 24, at a near all-time-high price $67.22 per share for $1.34 million.

Lennar Homes controller David M. Collins miraculous timing was 1-business day before Pres Trump major warning by Health & Human Services about coronavirus pandemic and allegedly not coincidental.

The biggest alleged COVID-19 related stock transaction we have discovered thus far was Lennar Director Scott D Stowell involved in Lennar inside trading when he dumped 300,000 shares Lennar common stock for a stunning $21,161,040. As a side note; the Scott Stowell stock sale was even more than the astonishing $20-million salary of Lennar CEO Stuart A. Miller. No more need to complain to the US SEC because the SEC is now aware of Lennar Insider Trading by several unethical Lennar executives making fortunes

SEC has the info about Lennar corporate culture execs and insiders insider trading corrupt growing money machines

That's right Lennar Director Mr. Scott Stowell collected over $21-million on Jan 24 2020 (the same day as Mr. Collins sale) near Lennar stock all time high price.

What with money hungry Lennar Culture it wouldn't be surprising to see a government regulatory agency knocking on Lennar Sales Corp Miami door soon.

Lennar insider stock trading looks highly suspicious, especially if you consider Lennar Treasurer Diane Bessette and Controller David Collins also selling "LEN" common stock the same day and week and right before the big 2020 stock market crash! That reveals an amazing Money Tree benefit for Lennar's executives and insider traders!

By working at Lennar Corporation you water and quickly grow a Money Tree for unprincipled Lennar Executive and corrupt insider traders

By mid-April 2020, coronavirus pandemic is near a peak. There were rumors on Wall Street that corporate insiders knew about coronavirus stock market negativity as soon as Jan 2020, and before most of the public was aware of it in March. Heavy Lennar stock sales by Lennar's Controller, Financial Officer and Director was remarkable timing!

The month Lennar financial executives dumped Lennar stock Trump was secretly briefed about likely cornoavirus pandemic

President Trump was briefed on a potential pandemic at a January 27 2020 meeting (within days of Lennar insider trades) by Health & Human Services Department, who strongly warned President Trump about its seriousness. No doubt Lennar executives also heard about it early.

The early warnings were brushed off by the President. How likely do you think insiders at this big corporation (director, financial officer, controller) also heard about it so they allegedly sold Lennar stock at high prices before news was widespread and Lennar stock dropped like a rock!

Assumed Lennar homes sales slump via coronavirus must make Lennar regret screwing-us?

At end of February 2020, housing market in this area was active and prices going up. We estimated the house increased in value about 25k since May 2019 contract. There was talk about coronavirus negativity at the time, however it was not yet a 24X7 discussion and a pandemic.

it's possble some future whistle blower may eventually blow the whistle on Lennar corporaton executive insider trading

On the same date, Lennar (in its rush for fast money) canceled my home purchase, President Trump said this nonsense about "coronavirus" "when you have 15 people and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done."

That was said by President Trump at a Feb 26 2020 press conference, on the same day Lennar canceled my contract by not agreeing to wait a short week for my cash funds to close. That was obvious discrimination and bias because buyers voluntarily offered to pay the 2% extra monthly cost of construction financing and also $125 a day in late fees (as allowed in our purchase contract).

How's it possible just 1 woman can be a top-14 Lennar corporate executive, is it possibly bias?

As a side note, look at this Lennar.com Picture showing how out of top-14 Lennar executives, surprisingly there's just one female! That solitary female exec is Lennar bad check writer CFO "Diane Bessette" so we can both criticize and praise by saying it's good to compliment her on achievement by being the only leadership team female pictured.

Some executives may have believed Trump's nonsense Covid-19 isn't a big-deal however others knew it was BS selling Lennar stock

Upon hearing what President Trump said that day, I'm sure some Lennar executives such as CEO Stuart Miller figured the strong housing market may continue and coronavirus would not cause the real estate market to collapse.

Thus, a good stock market and new-build housing market would enable money hungry Lennar Corp to quickly sell my house to another buyer, and for even more money and profit.

It turned out ongoing good markets were terribly wrong. Within a few days of Feb 26 cancellation, the first widely reported (at the time) coronavirus US death was on Feb 29 2020. So coronavirus becomes big 24X7 news and real estate market started to collapse by early that March. However the opposite happened as the pandemic surprisingly resulted in home sales to skyrocket so by amazing luck, lennar sales and its stock benefited greatly!

Updated home price on multiple listing service and Realtor.com for 22k more Lennar Corp profit

Even with the outlook not looking good, since Lennar salesperson "Joe" informed us before they already had 4 or 5 highly interested buyers sales quickly got a fast lot hold (that later became worthless). Next, attorney Thomas Haldorsen told me Lennar had one more contract.

As evidence a reason Lennar denied us a 1-week time extension was allegedly to get Lennar Homes more money, which you can see by Realtor.com $354,990 price with 22k more profit vs my contract!

Updated home price on multiple listing service and Realtor.com for 22k more Lennar Corp profit

Upon finding out Lennar sent us a worthless check; on March 20 my complaint was referred to Lennar Corporate Attorney Thomas J Haldorsen who first called me on March 20 2020.

Unhelpful Lennar Execs; Stuart Miller, Jeff Roos, Kathleen Katy Spencer, Steven R Moore, Dianne Besette, Dawn Faraci, Mark Smetana, Thomas Haldorsen, Rick Beckwitt, David Collins, Fred Rothman

As of today's date In-House Counsel Thomas J Haldorsen has done nothing to help with the pain of us being cheated out of the house and money.

The Lennar Corporation payment stopped worthless piece of paper → → check was from unethical Lennar staff who cheated us; Was attorney "Tommy Haldorsen" also a member of the team who screwed us?

it's total rubbish and insulting how Lennar blatantly stopped-payment on the compensation for accepted agreement with a bad check

If you recall what Tommy said, the reason Lennar sent us a bad check was incredibly changing their mind desiring a better deal . That rubbish was not a joke and exactly what Lennar In-House Counsel Thomas Haldorsen told me, that Lennar desired something more so they stopped payment (obviously to use check as a weapon).

click on this very cool video unrehearsed video submitted by a supporter in protest to lennar treating clients like dirt

What with Lennar Corp vast wealth and assets (and extremely well paid executives) it's real difficult to understand or comprehend how shameless, disrespectful and unethical Lennar can be. You also realize how the truth can be stranger than fiction!

During the time period Mar 20 to Apr 2 2020 Thomas Haldorsen called me a couple times regarding settlements. P.S. Thomas Haldorsen is also an officer of the court who should not be working for a corrupt looking corporation who would unethically stop-payment on a legitimate check because Lennar had second thoughts about an already accepted agreement.

Q. Exactly what type and kind of compensation did Tommy Haldorsen offer you?

It's nonsense how Lennars Thomas Haldorsen demands we sign agreeing to non-disparage or vilify Lennar Homes to hide complaints from public

A. In Tommy's original March 20 call he said his main goal is a legal agreement promising to not disparage Lennar. By agreeing to not disparage (i.e. defame, vilify or ridicule) he also requires removing LennarSucks.org from the-Web.

When we did not agree to sign a lennar non-disparagement contract Thomas Haldorsen quickly went silent because it was his main achievement goal

That disparagement rubbish makes us wonder how many non-disparagement agreements Lennar Attorney Mr. Thomas J. Haldorsen and other Lennar lawyers have demanded over the years to hide Lennar construction defect complaints and other issues such as this one.

Plus numerous other misc lennar complaints Lennar desired to oppress, handled by Lennar attorneys like Thomas Haldorsen and we assume also by Lennar Attorney and Chief Corporate Counsel Mark Sustana.

In addition to non-disparagement Tommy also said Lennar will send us (undisclosed). Since we had expenses, losses and costs estimated at roughly 100k and also published this site not for any monetary gain but only to warn the public about Lennar) we rejected his (undisclosed) offer.

Go-Here for how we we tried to keep talks confidental but Thomas Haldorsen stopped communicating making it impossible

In an earlier phone call after (undisclosed) rejection, Thomas Haldorsen said he can discuss with management a (undisclosed) settlement that (undisclosed) was Tommy's idea, not my own) however non-disparage still required.

Later we again reminded Tommy our losses are a lot closer to 100k vs (undisclosed). With that said, it now appears a settlement is sadly not that likely.

P.S. Normally we would not reveal settlement proposals and details discussed however since Lennar Homes Attorney Thomas (Tommy) Haldorsen ignored my phone calls and messages over the last few-weeks we no longer feel bound to keep it confidential.

In view of Tommy's settlement offer going no where due to Tommy going quiet and ignoring phone calls and emails to discuss a settlement in more detail, as an alternative I informed Tommy several times we still desired to purchase the house. That was of course providing we receive credit for all costs, losses and expenses.

we are dealing with attoney Thomas Haldorsen re lennar's blatant stop-payment on check  violation of settlement agreemen

At the end of March, Thomas J Haldorsen said 'no resale' due to that old lot hold. Next Tommy said, Lennar could not sell due to an alleged new contract, as recently as April 2nd. Thus sadly, Lennar attorney Tommy Haldorsen let us down again.

Q. Why do you question the validity of what Lennar Corp attorney "Thomas Joseph Haldorsen" said during Tommy's April 2 2020 6-PM phone call saying Lennar homes was not able to sell to me because of a new buyer contract? So why was Lot-111 listed on MLS for sale on April 1 or April 2?

A. It's mostly due to timing involved. When I called Lennar Sales Corp Listing Broker JoAnne Hall on April 4th she was unaware of a sales contract? If Lennar had a contract, why was it listed for sale in the MLS and their broker did not know there was a contract. It makes no sense.

it's possble some future whistle blower may eventually blow the whistle on Lennar needing tommy haldorsen defense

It's against MLS rules to list a house for sale if there's a contract on it. It also makes no sense, so why in the world would Lennar violate MLS and Realtor.com rules and list it for sale? Is the real reason for the contract talk because Lennar still did not want to sell it to me?

Lennar wants money so much to pay outragious salaries plus execs engased in whistleblower activities We also see evidence, Lennar's Realtor.com quick move-in sign was installed on April 4.

This Lennar Attorney; Thomas J. Haldorsen needs to offer a higher settlement after lennar stopped payment in shameless violation of agreement

Near the end of March 2020, and most recently on April 2nd Lennar Attorney Thomas Haldorsen called me to say Lennar is still not able to sell the house to me, saying it's due to coronavirus related (expired) lot holds.

Next, on April 2 2020, at 6-PM Thomas gave us his latest explanation (or was it just an excuse?) by saying a reason Lennar is still unable to sell to us is having a new purchase contract. If true, an obvious question is why did "Lennar Sales Corp" list it for sale on April 2nd on MLS and Realtor.com? That is nonsensical.

Lennar corp may in the future need attorney tommy haldorsen defense if someone files a  whistleblower complaint

As a side-note, Lennar put a nice picture of a 'different' new house on Realtor.com, not my very plain looking house. Is it possible Lennar Sales Corp put a non-valid picture on Realtor.com and MLS by knowing housing market was declining and wanted to sell ASAP?

That also appears to be a violation of Realtor.com rules, where the actual house should be pictured if completed, as Lot-111 was in fact in Feb and long before April 2nd. Maybe Lennar also posts deceptive pictures elsewhere in the nation so someone could blow the whistle to both Realtor.com and The MLS.

sadly it's nonsense and blatantly false fake news Lennar Homes really cares about good ethics and customer satisfaction

This is what the Lennar says about ethics: Lennar Corporation is committed to upholding sound principles of corporate governance.

Lennar is dedicated to utmost ethical standards and through our corporate charters and guidelines, we are committed and accountable to our Shareholders, Associates, Customers & Communities (we see it as fake news, marketing hype, bunk and laughable)

Below is a list of Lennar Executives and Staff we have dealt with or are reaching out to. If you have Lennar complaints of your own and/or wish to help David in his pursuit of justice and public awareness about Lennar Corporation, please send email with your thoughts or suggestions to contacts below:

email lennar corporation rick beckwitt lennar new homes corporation Lennar Chief Executive Officer Rick Beckwitt
email lennar corporation fred rothman lennar new homes corporation Lennar Chief Operations Officer Fred Rothman
email lennar corporation david m collins lennar new homes corporation Lennar Controller David M. Collins Go-Here David Collins insider stock sale
email lennar corporation mark sustana lennar new homes corporation Lennar Chief Corporate Counsel Mark Sustana
email lennar corporation kay howard lennar new homes corporation Lennar Chief Marketing Officer Kay Howard
email lennar corporation kathleen spencer lennar new homes corporation Lennar VP Sales & Marketing & DB Katy Spencer Katy) Spencer dishonestly reneged on agreement
email lennar corporation allison bober lennar new homes corporation Lennar Investor Relations Allison Bober
email lennar corporation thomas j haldorsen lennar new homes corporation Lennar Assoc General Counsel Thomas Haldorsen Does Thomas Haldorsen appreciate how serious this matter is with his small settlement offer?
email lennar corporation danielle tocco lennar homes Lennar VP Media Relations Danielle Tocco
email lennar corporation david kaiserman lennar homes Lennar Ventures President David Kaiserman
email lennar corporation eric feder lennar new homes corporation Lennar Ventures General Partner Eric Feder
email lennar corporation todd farrell lennar homes Lennar Multifamily President Todd Farrell
email lennar corporation joann blaylock lennar new homes corporation Lennar Multifamily LMC Living JoAnn Blaylock
email lennar corporation john gray lennar new homes corporation Lennar Investments President John Gray
email lennar corporation bruce gross lennar new homes corporation Lennar Financial Chief Executive Bruce Gross
email lennar corporation chris marlin lennar new homes corporation Lennar International President Chris Marlin
email lennar corporation diane j bessette lennar new homes corporation Lennar Chief Financial Officer Diane J. Bessette Go-Here re bounced check and insider stock sale by Diane J Bessette
email lennar corporation kelly kay lennar new homes corporation Lennar Director Digital Marketing Kelly Key
email lennar corporation stephanie barcenas lennar new homes corporation Lennar Social Media Content Stephanie Barcenas
email lennar corporation jeff mccall lennar new homes corporation Lennar Executive Vice President Jeff McCall
email lennar corporation stuart miller lennar new homes corporation Lennar Chief Executive Chairman Stuart A. Miller Stuart A Miller A world's richest persons corp cannot wait a week for my money
email lennar corporation jonathan m jaffe lennar new homes corporation Lennar Corporation President Jonathan M. Jaffe
email lennar corporation jeff roos lennar new homes corporation Lennar Regional President Jeff Roos
email lennar corporation rob hutton lennar new homes corporation Lennar Regional President Rob Hutton
email lennar corporation greg mcguff lennar new homes corporation Lennar Regional President Greg McGuff
email lennar corporation jim parker lennar new homes corporation Lennar Regional President Jim Parker
email lennar corporation drew lesniewski lennar new homes corporation Lennar VP Operations AZ Drew Lesniewski
email lennar corporation steve moore lennar new homes corporation Lennar Area Sales Manager AZ Steven M. Moore Steven Moore reneged on agreement
email lennar corporation dawn faraci lennar new homes corporation Lennar Sales & Escrow Manager AZ Dawn Faraci Dawn Faraci was first lennar person to tell my salesperson absolutely no change to COE date is permitted
email lennar corporation joanne hall lennar new homes corporation Lennar Sales Corp Listing Broker JoAnne Hall
calatlantic cristina pardo lennar new homes corporation CalAtlantic™ Title Group President Cristina Pardo
calatlantic chad barth lennar new homes corporation CalAtlantic™ Regional President Chad Barth
eagle home mortgage laura escobar lennar new homes corporation Eagle Home Mortgage™ President Laura Escobar
opendoor.com sheila tran opendoor Opendoor® Communications Head Sheila Tran Low balled big time by Opendoor!
email lennar corporation feedback lennar new homes corporation Lennar Team Email Contact to Send Lennar Corp Feedback
lennarhomesucks.com feedback re lennar new homes corporation Lennar Sucks Email Contact to Send Lennar Sucks Feedback We welcome any suggestions or feedback regarding how we should settle or proceed on this Lennar Home situation

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