Young-Children will be Smart and Live a Healthy Lifestyle by Learning about Cooking and Food

Young Childrens educational and fun facts

- Help young children learn about food and healthy lifestyle exercise and eating for your children can become part of a good health generation as they grow from kids to tweens to teens to adult.

By inviting young children into the kitchen it becomes a healthy promotions activity for your family where they can locate and use food recipes.

They will learn and progress by doing family and children's activities including Net Smart Kids learning and child website guides to become a super smart kids as your children grow-up.

It is never too Early to Save Money for your
Children's Education and Future

More than fifty million people own savings bonds.

Savings bonds are a popular gift for newborns because "one size fits all" and the gift "grows" in value as the child grows.

If your dog eats your savings bond, it can be replaced. If your dog eats your homework, you may be in trouble!

Savings bonds have been awarded to people who bought cars, appliances, and even heaven forbid - cemetery plots!

President Franklin D. Roosevelt placed the first order for a $500 Series E Savings Bond in a radio broadcast on April 30, 1941.

To commemorate the USA Bicentennial celebration in July 1976, many banks sold the $25.00 U.S. savings bond for $17.76 instead of the usual $18.75.

Savings bonds can earn interest tax-free for your college education (if you meet certain requirements).

Young is a recommended children's site

Young Children learn fast - riddles can help kids learn

1. What's full of holes but still holds water?
2. What do you call someone who is crazy about hot chocolate?
3. Where do plants play football?
4. What animal should you never play cards with?
5. What time is it when seven hungry lions are chasing you?
6 How do you fix a broken chimp?
7. What do you call a lazy bison?
8. Why couldn't the glass fool anyone?
9. What animal hates doing the laundry?

Young is a recommended children's site

Answers to help kids learn well

1. A Sponge
2. A Cocoa Nut
3. The Ivy League
4. A Cheetah
5. Seven After One
6. With A Monkey Wrench
7. A Buffa-Loafer
8. People could See Right Through Him
9. A Leopard, Because He Has Lots of Spots

Young is a recommended children's site

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