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A good time to start taking care of your skin & reducing eye wrinkles and crowsfeet is today , so begin working on having less noticeable skin wrinkles. Welcome to "Eyebrow Serum" ... the mission of EyebrowSerum.com is offering Eyebrow Serums for anti-wrinkle cures, eyebrow wrinkle treatment and getting facial, eye beauty and eyebrows information...

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Plastic surgery for eyebrows and eyelids is not required

Eyebrow wrinkles are unfortunately for many women a common facial beauty skin condition but can be helped by using good eyebrow serums, without necessarily needing high-cost and never-ending Botox® treatment, and possible side-effects involving generic prescription drugs

There are safe alternative ways to treat eyebrow wrinkles and crows-feet wrinkles with anti-aging eyebrow serum facial creams and eye-serum lotions.

A surprising number of women who should care about beuatiful skin and younger looks seem to neglect the eyebrows and eyelids, instead concentrating attention on face smoothing, skin dark spots, wrinkle lines, facial contouring, sagging skin, discolored area and puffy eyes, including applying eyelash growth serum, which ongoing use can sometimes make women look older compared to their real age. Always select quality eye creams based on the most important treatment needed. Eyebrow creams, botanical oil, eye serum, skin lotions and skin gels can improve the appearance of eye area and eyebrow wrinkles.

Hollywood stars, please take note; Researchers at UC Berkeley Lab suggest a protein (known as Rhamm) may hold great potential for the elimination of skin wrinkles and skin rejuvenation.

If this research is proven, controlling concentrations of the protein could one day replace surgical procedures or injections with neurotoxins carrying unpleasant side-effects as muscle paralysis and reduced facial expressions.

Skin rejuvenation systems may be used in conjunction with rhamm to selectively induce the generation of desirable anti-aging fat cells to replace those lost in the aging process. At the same time the protein can also reduce deposits of unhealthy fat.

This technique could be developed as a means of providing a non-surgical approach for normal skin appearance after reconstructive surgery, wrinkle reduction, and for face lifts and body contouring and body shaping.

Potential applications of Rhamm (in addition to wrinkle reduction) include normalizing skin appearance after reconstructive or cosmetic plastic surgery, e.g., grafted tissue on burn victims. Research about Rhamm also indicates it has a helpful affect on some tumors and inflammatory disease, including allergic inflammation medical conditions, and can also help with nasal inflammation and other inflammatory diseases.

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