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Get Healed by Yoga

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Do you feel stressed out by your lifestyle and troubled by ill health? Are you living through mental tensions? Try out Yoga – there can be nothing as rejuvenating and therapeutic as this age old profound science.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an art of living. It can be described as a collection of physical exercises (Yoga poses), meditation and breathing exercises. The primary function of yoga is to usher in a harmony between the mind, body and spirit. Yoga philosophy says - Equanimity and composure of the mind is the key to a human’s well being.

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Getting Started

Yoga can be very harmful if you practice it incorrectly, so make sure you learn Yogic techniques from an expert Yoga instructor.

There are a few essential Yoga essentials that you need to arrange before you start.

Comfortable Yoga Clothes are an absolute must for yoga practice. Tight clothes restrict your movements. Shoes are not required in Yoga as it is generally done barefoot. A personal Yoga mat is a good alternative to those overused mats that your class provides you. Yoga props like blocks and blankets support you and ensure correct posture. Yoga straps aid you when you do poses requiring your hands to touch each other or your feet.

Advantages of Yoga

It is a proven fact that Yoga effectively heals a host of ailments. It stimulates your body and endows you with concentration and control of the impulses. Yoga can work wonders for your skin making it radiant and blemish free. Yoga boosts your blood circulation and immunity to diseases. Yoga also gives mental peace and helps you take a more optimistic view of life.

A Common Myth Related to Yoga

There is a common thought that Yoga is a religion, but it is not. It is the science of lulling the thought waves to provide mental clarity. And you certainly don’t need to be a vegetarian to practice Yoga.

Yoga is relevant for people from all walks of life. Start practicing Yoga and discover a marvelous way of living completely free of anxieties, emotional outbursts and diseases.