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Problem Drinking ...

17.6 million American adults are either alcohol dependent or abuse alcohol.

National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions, alcohol dependence - particularly among men - has decreased; however, rates of alcohol abuse have increased.

Super Bowl Sunday has long been associated with over consumption of alcohol and the problems of alcohol abuse. Mothers Against Drunk Driving has compiled statistics for Super Bowl day alcohol related driving fatalities every year since 1999. These statistics show that an average Super Bowl Sundays see 55.4% increase in alcohol related traffic fatalities over other days of the year.

Part of the problem may be that imbibing alcohol is encouraged during the Super Bowl. Nearly 20% of the commercials, 10 out of 58, aired during Super Bowl XXXIX will advertise alcohol products. Last year alcohol commercials were among both the most controversial and popular.

Also promoting Super Bowl alcohol consumption, football writer, whose goal is to, "provide you with all the necessary resources every serious football fan needs...," offers Super Bowl party recipes for alcoholic Jello shots, including instructions in how to make them stronger. SOBERnet, a website on alcohol abuse and alcoholism, offers an alternative recipe for a successful Super Bowl party.

Serve alternative nonalcoholic drinks. Have a key check, and don't let party goers drive drunk. Provide transportation via a designated non-drinking driver or taxi. Plan post game activities, as only time can help someone sober up. And, don't drink and drive.