How to get rid of under eye dark circles

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How to get rid of under eye dark circles

Quick Tips for "Dark Circles Under my Eyes" Remedies

Make a compress out of potato.

drinking cranberry juiceDrinking two glasses of cranberry juice a day, you will need to do this for at least a week before you start noticing a difference.

Food allergies and sensitivities play a major part in under-eye circles. Processed foods with artificial colors and preservatives as well as milk allergies can cause this problem.

There are many different home remedies. While the most common are cucumbers and tea bags, there are a number of others. Feel free to test them out, as some may work for some people, but use common sense.

The ingredient in Preparation H that once could shrink the area around the eyes is no longer put in the product in the US, according to their website, so unless you live in Canada, just pass on the Hemorrhoid creams.

Cutting onions can help you to cry out some of the moisture under and around your eyes. However it isn't recommended that you carry out this procedure daily but done short-term, it will reduce the darkness under the eyes somewhat. Using the tea bag method under your eyes straight afterward also helps. The puffiness may not reduce immediately but it will shortly afterward.

Dark circles under my eyes may be caused by inflamed or enlarged veins beneath the skin. Try taking butcher's broom. Taken daily, this common herb (used to treat weak circulation, hemorrhoids and varicose veins) has been effective in reducing dark circles.

Wear sunscreen under your eyes, and if you wear it all the time (as you should), try to put a stronger SPF under your eyes than you do on your face. This way, the skin under your eyes does not darken as quickly as the rest of your face; so your circles seem lighter. If you do this all year, you may end-up not needing concealer at all.

Try doing face yoga exercises, which can rejuvenate your facial skin by improving your face circulation. If you also have crows feet lines and skin wrinkles you can also work on helping the crows feet wrinkles condition too, to look younger and be more attractive.

Or you can also put a tad bit of hydrolyze or even some cheap products are FDA proven to work to. Apply it on the dark rings with a frozen cotton swab.

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