Welcome to Web-Realtor Your Guide to Virtual Real Estate - It's Not Brick & Mortar! If you arrived at WebRealty Organization looking for the more common type of real estate (i.e. homes), you should know this domain deals in so-called electronic (virtual) real estate, and does not involve traditional Realtors® and Realtor® sites belonging to a Real Estate Broker, devoted to MLS real estate multiple listing service and the traditional real estate market.

The Realtor & REALTOR®: names are similar, as the two meanings of the word deal in vastly different types of "real estate" electronic and (brick & mortar) real property. This unique domain/website organization (with a good domain name of its own!) has nothing to do with homes, houses, land and physical real estate/real property!

We have owned WebRealty.org since year-1998. There's more than 300-million results for a web realty search in Google and a number of Realtors using the words 'web realty' in their company name. There are 10 other webrealty domains in other extensions registered, last time we checked.

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