The Indivisibles

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The Indivisible Project

The Indivisible Project is a progressive, non-profit organization that works to advance progressive policies and elect progressive candidates in the United States. The group was formed in 2016 in response to the election of Donald Trump and aims to resist his agenda by organizing and empowering local communities.

The Indivisible Guide, a document created by the organization. The guide provides guidance to individuals and groups on how to effectively influence their elected representatives, including tactics for town hall meetings, grassroots lobbying, and media outreach.

The organization works at the national and local levels to promote issues such as affordable healthcare, fair taxation, and protection of voting rights. It also supports candidates who align with its values and opposes candidates who support policies contrary to its goals.

The Indivisible Project is funded by individual donors and grants. The project is guided by a board of directors made up of progressive activists and organizers. With over 5,800 local groups in all 50 states, the Indivisible Project has become a major force in American progressive politics.

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