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Meningitis is a serious infection via inflammation covering brain and spinal cord. Aseptic Meningitis is bacterial. Meningitis especially Bacterial Meningitis is quite serious and can be an emergency, possibly resulting in disability, amputations or worse! Viral Meningitis is more common and a less-severe Spinal-Meningitis.

Common causes of spinal-meningitis are viral infections which typically resolve okay. However, bacterial infections of meninges are extremely serious and may result in death or brain damage. Meningitis is also transmitted or caused by fungi, mosquitoes,irritation, drug allergies and tumors.

Chronic bacterial meningitis is a medical emergency needing fast hospital-based treatment. Hundreds of thousands of new meningitis cases are diagnosed yearly worldwide. Spinal Meningitis can occur in Children of all ages.

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Spinal Meningitis

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