A money market account is a popular account at banks and credit unions. Money market bank accounts have benefits and features different vs other bank accounts.

For example, you can expect a higher interest rate compared to regular credit union or bank accounts. In addition, a money-market-account usually comes with (limited) check writing and a debit card. There's some limitations, making them not as flexible vs regular checking accounts.

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Even with limited check writing capacity the higher interest-rates more than compensate if you use a money market best account for your savings or investment goals. We have much more financial information on savings, investing and about all Money Matters.

We offer an interest-free zero finance charge monthly payment plan for as long as 24-months (with no credit check needed) to help a buyer who may be low on cash.

There's no worries about using the domain while paying because you will have immediate use of the domain (like paying in-full right away) by using your own DNS upon making first payment.