feoffe.com - Highly Brandable, Unique and Very Cool Sounding short pronouncable domain and website name. Will make an amazingly strong and good brand-name for a business or start-up. This name gets regular web-traffic via people typing-in 'FEOFFE" to their web-browser.

FEOFFE is an interesting, attention getting, cool sounding and easily remembered biz name, with added benefit of being a short 6 letters with 3 f's and 2 e's.

This domain name has substantial value by being the best name ending, which of course is dot-com. There are more than 10,000 results in Google on "feoffe" search.

Why is this domain-name available? There are 2 reasons: the owner is retiring; and this name is no longer needed because in the past its web-page was used to improve our then developmental large site and bring more internet-traffic to the portal, now finished.