Dimensive is a Dictionary Word. A great example of how it can be used is the Dimensive meaning to "WORK WITHOUT LIMITS" with Dimensive fast becoming a popular business term for programmers and hirng coders: i.e. recenty being used a lot by 'Upwork.com' and others sites.

People are searching for these terms: dimensive, without any dimensions, marking dimensions, dimensional analysis, dimensional analysis method, dimensional analysis physics, dimensional analysis units, dimensional analysis in fluid mechanics, dimensional homogeneity, dimensional analysis scaling, dimensional analysis Buckingham Pi theorem, dimensional analysis in engineering, dimensional analysis in thermodynamics

Other examples of "DIMENSIVE" dictionary definitions and meanings are: Without any Dimensions; marking dimensions or there are no limits or limitations and without dimensions; marking dimensions or the limits.

A few more examples of using the word 'dimensive' could be a 'win' website and about 'to win without limits to success' or possibly used for a cryptocurrency or betting site, meaning there are 'no limits to winning profits and wins'

P.S. There are more than 500,000 results in Google on a "dimensive" search, last time checked.

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