We have owned this great domain since year 2000, making the name extremely well-aged and of even higher value. A valid official looking Certificate of Authenticity can be of significant benefit to any product or service.

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By including a certificate of authenticity to the buyer of your product or service you are stating it's authentic, A COA means "service, product or whatever is genuine" giving buyer confidence knowing it's genuine.

Ask Microsoft® about COAs high value. Microsoft has been sending a COA for decades with their software products, including Windows® and other programs. Sellers of software, services, autographs or products issue a Certificate.

A valid COA is an authenticity guarantee. By providing a COA for any and all collectibles it can make or save your money because buyers know it's the real thing and also offers a degree of protection from fraud.

Only the owner of CertificateOfAuthenticty.com domain can have such powerful impact and control as an official issuing authority.

Why is this domain-name available? The owner is retiring.

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