A great biz name for buying or selling a business, owned by us since 2002. Benefiting from being so well-aged makes the domain even more valuable.

Business Buy Sell was a small developed buy and sell biz website several years ago.

Thanks to type-in visitors the name receives regular direct navigation traffic, without needing marketing or costly advertising.

This popular and dominant name has strong targeted use potential such as if used by a Commercial Realtor® to attract business leads and sales.

Of course, its best money-making use potential would likely be using its powerful words for buying or selling all types of businesses, brick and mortar or online.

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There's incredible potential, with the best indicator of that evidenced by 100,000 (last time we checked) exact match results on Google for the term "business buy sell"

In addition, that staggering high 5 billion+ Google number does not even include results for similar terms like; buy and sell business online, biz for sale, businesses for sale and numerous other related keywords and terms.

Why is this great name available? This domain is no longer required because its domain name was recently used to improve our then developmental large Webtrading Portal site and bring more internet-traffic to the platform, which web-portal site is now finished.

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