Welcome to AP News Organization Associated Person (AP) News. The AP News Organization web-page is regarding News about Associated Person(s) (AP-CTA) a.k.a. AP is a person who accepts or solicits (other than clerical work) orders, discretionary accounts or trader participation in a commodity pool or supervises 'persons' engaged in or for a futures commission merchant, introducing broker, registered commodity trading advisor, commodity pool operator or agricultural trade merchant.

An Associated Person (AP) is a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) to Help you Make Money Trading and assist traders to trade for profits

trade commodities futures successfullyThere are ways to make profits trading commodities futures markets successfully and with reduced a risk-of-loss which involves a CFTC Registered CTA (aka Commodity Trading Adviser) which is a financial market term defined as a PERSON who directly or indirectly advises investors and traders about buying or selling commodity futures and/or commodities options. Non-direct CTA/AP advising includes providing info via financial sites, media or written communications, including online commodity trading advice over the-web.

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For more commodity futures markets trader info you can also visit CTA website or search for Commodity Futures Trading Advisors who help traders with successful trading or day-trading the futures markets. A CTA can help traders trade the commodity markets with lower risk (comparatively speaking), without direct trading involvement.

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