We registered this great domain in year-2003 making name very well-aged and giving it extra value. There are more than 11-million results in Google on "AP NEWS" search last time we checked.

This domain name gets regular internet traffic from people typing-in the domain name to their web-browser. It is a commodity trading advisers Associated Person News Info site. FYI, this domain is not in violation of "Associated Press" trademarks because it's used in a different usage category.

The-SEC defines an AP this way: "AP is a person associated with a broker or dealer" or "associated person of a broker or dealer" means any partner, officer or manager of a broker or dealer, any person directly or indirectly controlling by or under control with such broker or dealer.

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Why is this name available? The reason is in the past this name was used to bring more internet traffic to our web-portal site webtrading.org and its content has now been migrated to the portal website.

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