We registered this great dictionary word domain in year-2005 making it well-aged with extra value. There are a staggering 90,000,000 plus results in Google on a search for "affordability"

Some popular related Google searches are on: affordability, refinance mortgage, cheap vacations, housing affordability, affordability of repairs, contractors work affordabilty, affordable rent to own, affordable dentist, payment affordability, affordable cars, affordable housing, affordable home furnishings, insurance cost, HVAC repair affordabilty, home remodeling affordability and more.

Why is this domain-name available? There are 2 reasons: the owner is retiring; and this name is no longer needed because in the past its web-page was used to improve our then developmental large site and bring more internet-traffic to the portal, now finished.

P.S. This domain was valued at $4,600 by Estibot.com the last time we checked (which seems low based on intrinsic value).

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