Special Report on a Unique, Healthy & Easy Way to Lose Weight, Without Calorie Counting or Food Restriction!

The 1410 DIET is a Highly Recommended Diet-Plan Designed for You to Lose Weight Without Effort or Work. It's for folks who seriously desire losing weight on a more or less steady basis over time and without calorie counting or strict food restrictions. If that sounds good, this is the diet-plan for you!

14-10 is a Simple but Powerful Intermittent Fast Diet which you Can Quickly and Easily Go On, Starting as Soon as Today with little or no dieting or meal preparation, or special food needed. This 1410Diet© is a Relatively Easy-to-Follow and Implement Diet Plan designed by explore.health Website Editor.

This customized diet plan is an "intermittent fasting diet" where you eat only within a pre-set 10-hour daily time window and then go 14-hours without food. We recommend two meals a day, i.e., breakfast at 7-am with dinner at 5-pm, or you may use any 10-hour eating schedule. By the way, one or two low-calorie healthy snacks are also permitted during your 10-hours.

You must stay with your established time schedule at all times, without deviating from it in any way. In addition, no snacking or high-calorie drinks are allowed during your 14-hour fasting time-window. The 14 hours tends to go fast since sleep time is included. There are no strict food restrictions or calorie counting other than trying to lower calories and reduce meal size during your 10-hour time window.

Are you wondering why a 14-10 diet works? The body burns food for several hours after eating but during the last few hours of a fast window it then burns body fat instead of food, turning it into a fat burning machine for a few hours or more every day. In addition, only having 2 meals during 10-hours tends to restrict total food intake and calories as the days go by, more or less on its own.

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